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Kaiyang wooden door this case is a modern simple style, and the design tends to be comfortable and functional. In a large area of gray space, the designer adds walnut neutral and cool tone to create a comfortable and elegant lifestyle. Let's take a look at coral powder

what is coral powder

what is the magic of this so-called 2019 most popular color

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case appreciation

area | about 172 ㎡

house type | three rooms and two halls

style | modern simplicity

Design Description: this case is a modern simplicity style, and the design is biased towards comfortable functionality. In a large area of gray space, the designer adds walnut neutral and cool tone to create a comfortable and elegant life style. In line with the aesthetic needs of young people, a touch of coral powder runs through all rooms, making the whole space bright and making life full of sweetness and vitality

[whole house aesthetics · porch]

porch undertakes the important task of indoor and outdoor connection transition, and requires a sense of ceremony of first impression

as soon as you enter the porch, the color contrast design lights up the entry space and becomes the first visual highlight. Top design, powerful storage function; The cabinet is integrated with a mirror, giving consideration to beauty and practicality

[whole house aesthetics · living room]

TV cabinet is both a background wall and a locker. Irregular door panels, scattered matching design, smart and fashionable. The design of coral powder embedded cabinet is full of care machines, with industrial ash and walnut, which enlivens the space atmosphere and is sweet and fashionable

partial dark green application, like putting a piece of wood in the sweet and greasy, makes the whole space more stable, but there is no sense of distance

[whole house aesthetics · restaurant]

the restaurant is far away from the living room, maintaining spatial continuity in the use of colors and materials. The asymmetrical open lattice design of the side cabinet perfectly combines storage and display, presenting an elegant and charming sense of hierarchy

[whole house aesthetics · master bedroom]

the main color of the space extends to the bedroom, setting off the romantic mood, so that the owner can enjoy this sweet beauty in his dream

in addition to the sleeping area and the wardrobe on the whole wall, the master bedroom has also designed a cloakroom to meet all the fantasies of the hostess. The open design extends the visual effect of the space, making the bedroom spacious and comfortable

[full house aesthetics · second bedroom]

the reserved guest bedroom and hospitality space, combined with the pouring sunlight, create a quiet corner in a pleasant afternoon. Lift table tatami, learn to rest, add customized combinations such as bookcases and desks, and have a stronger sense of space design and higher space utilization

[whole house aesthetics · children's room]

the jumping and happy color matching is the biggest feature of this space. The perfect combination of dark green and coral powder is fresh and dreamy. The proportions of different sizes are filled in several parts of the wall, showing a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional artistic beauty

super Dalian body cabinet design, storage upgrades, improves space utilization, and frees up more activity space for children

[whole house aesthetics · study]

as a place for study and office, the atmosphere of the study should be relaxed. Therefore, the study reduced the application proportion of coral powder, and only used curtains and hanging pictures to echo the tone of the whole room. Floor to ceiling windows introduce natural light into the interior, making office comfortable and leisure

[whole house aesthetics · balcony]

the seemingly simple customized cabinet integrates laundry, storage, display and other functions. The integration of round mirror and coral powder tells us that life needs no restraint

[wooden door matching]

the lines of the whole house are simple and smooth, so the wooden door with the same simplicity in design was selected. Simple two stroke lines neutralize the personalization of the space, making the space look more relaxed as a whole

color is actually an important part of home decoration design. Good use of color can make the home lively and fragrant, and it has strong personal characteristics. As a research and development base of wood veneer color, Kaiyang wooden door is designed not only for space, but also for a "colorful" life

famous projects choose Kaiyang wooden door | Kaiyang wooden door helps customers realize their dream of home with excellent design and high-quality service and the brand concept of "better color, better wooden door", and has become the designated door for high-end projects such as Hainan Boao Forum Jinwan Hotel, Shanghai Disneyland, China Aerospace Building, National Convention and Exhibition Center, etc

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