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Now the ground we see is mostly marble, cement and ceramic tile; There are few earth bricks like before. With the improvement of people's living standards, the flooring used now is also more and more high-grade. What we want to say here is marble flooring, and the brand is Italian imported flooring brand - ariostea flooring

ariostea was founded in 1961. Its products have high technical content, and the production process pays great attention to the impact on the environment. During several years of development, the company has passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS and other certifications

cutting edge technology has been developed since 1961. Unparalleled technology combined with high-quality products enables us to create rare, exquisite and valuable products. At the same time, it can improve the qualitative properties of products and save a lot of materials. Therefore, the products provided by ariostea have excellent functions, health, safety and durability, and are an excellent ecological choice

ariostea's technology is unique. The brand has its own website (including proprietary technology and software), which is designed and implemented directly within the company and is protected by international patents. The high-tech ceramic tiles of ariostea only use the best mineral natural raw materials. After a process similar to the formation of rocks on earth for thousands of years, high pressure and high heat (up to 1300 °), they finally form extremely compact, uniform and non absorbable materials

the progress of industry has promoted the improvement of people's living standards. Marble flooring like this can be seen everywhere now, but whether it is an imported brand remains to be seen, because many brands now sell inferior products under the name of imported brands, so here we remind owners that they must polish their eyes and see clearly when choosing flooring brands




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