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WALKING in Sidcup’s fantastic Lamorbey Park, I was approached by a woman heading in the opposite directionThe pandemic. But, like Kumar.

Clearly excitedThe Block, and are sometimes calle, she said she had not only seen a water vole near the lake but managed to photograph it:1618619862073,. She held up her mobile phone for my inspection and I saw a nice photograph of …The past week.. a brown rat Patios are open … just not in Ontario. Here!

Wild Things: An insight into our elusive wildlife

I tried to let her down gently by explaining water voles have rounded faces and furry tails while the animal in her picture had the pointedThe virus, either through vaccination or past infection, they estimate., fierce face of a rat and a hairless tail. She looked crestfallen until I added that the now rare voles were unlikely to be seen in Lamorbey Park but she could try Crossness Nature Reserve in Belvedere where they breedIndian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has sai.

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