Here’s what the devastating Lytton, B.C. blaze say

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Here’s what the devastating Lytton, B:1620041926894,.C. blaze says about the future of fire in Western Canada - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

For daysThe variant was first identified i, the tourists came — to eat ice cream, browse local stores and to “experience history,” as one put it — as the tiny village of Lytton, B.C., logged the hottest temperatures in Canadian history.

That was, until Wednesday night, when the flow of cars on the Trans-Canada Highway reversed, violently so, as visitors and locals alike fled just ahead of a fast-moving wildfire.

On Fridaymedia and broadcasters., what remained was devastation.

At least two people are presumed dead and other residents remain unaccounted for, though the exact number remains unclear. Images from Lytton show row upon row of buildings, including the clinic, the post office and the RCMP detachment, turned to ash, and trees reduced to gnarled stumps.

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